Friday, February 27, 2009

Fwd: Bengal -- local employment

From B Prasant/ INN

Kolkata, February 27: In a recent order, the Bengal Left Front government has linked local sourcing of employment with the amount of concession an entrepreneur would receive.
50% of the special 'promotional' government assistance on hand for entrepreneurs investing between Rs 50 to Rs 5000 crore in Bengal-based projects would now be linked to how many people of the state have been employed in that particular project. 

The enterprises are divided up into three categories for the purpose.First, those that invest up to and including Rs 50 crore; second, including and up to Rs 5000 crore, and third beyond Rs 5000 crore. The stipulation on local sourcing for employment would not apply to the first category for here the LF government would provide VAT relief of Rs 4.5 crore if the investment is made in the districts of Bankura, Midnapore west, Purulia, Maldah, and the two Dinajpores, north and south.

The amount of VAT relief would be Rs 3.5 crore in the cases of investment being made in districts as Nadia, Midnapore east, Burdwan, and Hooghly.Nor would the proviso apply to the third category for in these large-scale industries there would be plenty of scope for direct and indirect employment in big numbers.


As per the state government's order, the entrepreneur would get nothing from the promotional assistance head if she/he prefers to employ less than 200 local people per Rs 100 crore of investment.If the number of local people employed per Rs 100 crore is between 200 and 400, the entrepreneur would receive 60% of the assistance.The figure would be 80% if for Rs 100 crore invested the entrepreneur puts to work between 500 and 800 local populace.


If the employment figure goes up to between 900 and 1200, the entrepreneur shall receive 90% of the special promotional assistance, and any entrepreneur employing over 1200 local people per Rs 100 crore invested shall get 100% of the assistance from the state LF government.In each case special assistance would be given in terms of VAT relief.All entrepreneurs shall from now on be compelled to submit employment details with the office of the regional PF commissioner including the EPIC number of the employed.

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