Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fwd: Nava kerala march

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From P P Aboobacker/INN


Karat: Non-Congress Secular Forces Will Form Govt At Centre


Thiruvananthapuram, February 26:   CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat has asserted here that a non-Congress secular government will assume power at the Centre with the support of Left forces after the ensuing Lok Sabha polls. "2009 will not be repetition of 2004.  We strive for a secular government at Centre that will not yield to pressures of imperialism and that would ensure secularism in the country. Only a formation that will not have any role for the communal BJP and  the Congress can protect the country's unity and sovereignty, he added.


Karat was addressing a massive rally, in which over ten million people attended, conducted to mark the culmination of the Nava Kerala Yatra led by CPI(M) state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan as part of party's political campaign.  Karat said that only the CPIM led Left forces could prevent the BJP and Congress from coming to power in Delhi.  The Left parties supported the Congress led alliance in 2004 to keep away the Hindutwa forces from power.  But the Congress failed to protect country's interest.  It  succumbed to pressures of US imperialism.   It miserably failed to tackle the communal forces. 


It appears the Congress led UPA has been disintegrated even before the polls. 


The Congress did not learn any lesson from the crises that caused by the neo-liberal policies.  Instead, the Congress made all efforts to pursue the neo-liberal policies with great vigour.    Our financial sector has been opened for foreign capital.  It flouted the guidelines set by the Government in accepting foreign direct investments. The global recession has hit the country also. It would cause crisis in the farm and industrial sector.  He asked the Congress leadership what its government did to avert a crisis in the farm and industrial sectors.


Karat said that the party will fight  all the attempts made by its detractors and Congress  to malign the party using the SNC Lavalin case in Kerala.   The Congress was using the CBI as a tool to achieve its narrow political ends.  The CPIM politburo has made it clear that the SNC Lavalin case was politically motivated and the party will fight the case politically and legally.  The party will continue its relentless fight against corruption and it would not tolerate corruption. 


The Nava Kerala March concluded at Shangumugham beach on Thursday evening with a massive rally.  Pinarayi Vijayan, party state secretary, V S Achuthanandan, the Chief Minister also spoke at the rally. 


The Navakerala march began from southernmost Kasargode district on February 2 has covered all the districts and all the Assembly segments. According the organizers as many as three million people attended the meetings held as part of the unique political campaign.


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