Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fwd: Punjab

From India News Network(INN) 

Badal's Agreement With Metro MNC

Is Harmful For Peasants And Retailers 

Chandigarh, February 24: The CPI(M) Punjab state secretariat has issued the following statement: 

The state secretariat of CPI(M) Punjab state committee has strongly condemned chief minister Parkash Singh Badal for the agreement to allow entry to German multinational "metro cash and carry India". CPI(M) is of the firm view that this entry of Metro MNC not only hit the livelihood of retail traders but ultimately this multinational will dictate its terms in purchase and selling price of commodities. In this process peasants, buyers and consumers all will be looted. The entry of metro multinational will lead to the loss of lakhs of employment instead of the false claim of creation of 27, 000 jobs. The state secretariat demands from the chief minister of Punjab to immediately scrap this anti-people agreement. It calls upon the people to come forward to protest against this agreement so that this harmful move is reversed.


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