Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fwd: Hannan Mollah's letter to PM

From India News Network (INN)


New Delhi, February 26: Shri Hannan Mollah, MP and Chairman, Committee of Papers Laid on the Table has sent the following letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister regarding the out sourcing of production and coverage of 10th Commonwealth Games to be held in our country in 2010.


Text of the letter is as follows:


Respected Dr. Singh,


I like to draw your kind attention to the fact that the Prasar Bharati has decided to out sourcing of Production and Coverage of 10th Commonwealth Games to be held in our country in 2010. This is conscious decision to destroy the Doordarshan and All India Radio. You are aware about the service of Doordarshan and All India Radio. They covered 1982 Asian Games and most of the major sports events, national and international, since then. They have 38000 qualified employees and they can cover every nook and corner of the country and reach the largest number of viewers including entire rural viewers. They broadcasted last Jr. Common Wealth games in Pune efficiently and recently held Beijing Olympic games.


Inspite of that Prasar Bharati decided to deprive the DD-AIR, its staff and infrastructure and bring private sector in this field. The entire employees opposed this anti DD-AIR conspiracy. It is heard that the Prasar Bharati Board opposed such sell out unanimously but that was not heeded.


The government has allotted Rs.430 crores for this coverage. If half of the amount is used Prasar Bharati can purchase most modern equipments which will help DD-AIR to broadcast and telecast all the events with proper quality. We have no dearth of good technicians, what we require is the modern equipments. If government acquires such equipment it will be permanent asset of the Prasar Bharati and be used for decades. But instead of that why the CEO of Prasar Bharati is interested to sell it to the private broadcasting companies? There is reason to doubt that this is being done in connivance of Prasar Bharati, Olympic Association and some private TV companies. We strongly oppose this blatant move of privatization dolling out of the government fund to private companies and destroying the DD and AIR by depriving them from their legitimate right.

It is told that CEO has the blessing of the minister. If it is true it will be most unfortunate. I would request you to kindly intervene in this matter and save this public sector broadcaster from selling out to private TV channels.


Hope you will intervene positively and immediately and stop the Prasar Bharati from taking such step against national interest.


With regards,

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