Sunday, March 22, 2009

AIDWA Delhi State Committee on Radha Kumar

New Delhi, March 23: Sehba Farooqui, Secretary, AIDWA, Delhi State Committee has issued the following statement:

Many dailies have carried reports about one Ms Radha Kumar having left the AIDWA and joined the Congress Party in Delhi. They have claimed that Ms Radha Kumar led a large number of AIDWA members of the Outer Delhi unit into the Congress Party. Before carrying such malicious reports it would have done the media some good to verify basic facts of this case.

Ms Radha came into contact with the AIDWA in the latter half of 2008 in 25 Sector Rohini, where the women sought AIDWA’s help in resolving water related problems. She took the membership of our organization in 2008 but it became clear that she was interested only in finding greener pastures, since AIDWA is a purely voluntary organization, which does not give any monetary remuneration for working among women and does not ‘offer’ posts in the organization. The AIDWA works on a system of yearly membership. She was not given membership in 2009 by the AIDWA, Delhi State Committee, i.e. she is not an AIDWA member; leave alone a left activist or a member of the CPI (M).

The fact that the Congress Delhi Pradesh President went to such ridiculous extent of hosting a major media event around her joining the Congress party both reveals the nature of membership in Congress Party as well as their desperation against the Left in view of the developments at the national level.

We hope the press will carry this clarification in view of the libelous reports carried today.

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