Monday, March 30, 2009


Agartala, 29th March

The people of Tripura will contribute to realise the possibility of the formation of a govt of the Third forces at the centre.CPI(M) tripura state secretariate member Gautam Das expressed confidence today in a pressmeet in Agartala.In the press meet Das briefed newspersons about the intensive campaign progam of the Left Front in the state.He said CPI(M) and left front workers all over the state have jumped in the intensive campaigning.Already booth committees have been formed, GB meetings are completed. The workers are now approaching people though small local meetings and door to door campaign explaining before them the basic appeals of the party's election manifesto,joint policy statement of the 10 political parties and the appeal of the 4 left parties.Both the candidates are addressing public meetings in different assembly constituencies.Das said the campaign will gain more momentum once the filing of nomination papers are over.On 30th of March both Com Khagen Das candidate for the West Tripura seat and Com.Bajuban Reang Candidate for the Tripura East(ST) seat will file their nomination papers.On 5th April the central election rally of the Left front will be held at Agartala.Com. Prakash Karat, General Secretary of CPI(M) will be the chief orator.Com Manik Sarkar, PBM and Chief Minister of the state, CPI Leader Srikumar Mukherjee, RSP leader Kshiti Goswami, both the candidates will address the meeting to be presided over by Com Baidyanath Majumdar.Gautam Das said the political scenario at the national level clearly indicates none of the congerss or BJP will be able to come to power this time. Anumber of parties are joining the third force, after the election too a lot of parties might join us.Detailing on the misdeeds of UPA govt which has contributed to misery of the common masses.The same govt which has doled out a tax concession of Rs. 30000crores to the corporates is apathetic towards the misery of the millions of people suffering from job cuts.He said people all over the country are fed up with Congress and BJP and their is an opportunity of establishing a non congress secular govt at the center which will persue an alternative pro people trajectory in economy, foriegn policy and a host of other other issues concerning the lives of the people.Das said the manner in which people are responding to our campaign and the way new faces are joining hands with us is we believe indicative of the fact that the vote of the Left will increase from what it was in the earlier parliamentary and assembly elections.After the declaratin of the elections 872 numbers of congress and 852 numbers of INPT workers have shun these parties and joined hands with us. He said we are confident the people of Tripura will contribute greatly to realise the possibility of an alternative govt at the centre.

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