Thursday, March 19, 2009

Binding over the agitators for a win

Agitation is equivalent to Rowdism opines the Congress Government.

Hyderabad, 18th March - Congress Government in Andhra Pradesh is blatantly adopting undemocratic methods against CPI(M) and other allied party workers who fought over people’s issues by booking under binding over cases. This enables the Govt. to keep the CPI(M) workers behind bars two days before polls. It is also treating the agitators as criminals. Bind-over cases are supposed to be invoked against the anti-social elements and criminals. It is intimidating the CPI(M) workers with opening of Rowdy-sheets against them. It has filed cases against the leaders of land and house –site struggles. It reminds the Dictatorial rule of Nizams. During their five year term, Congress Government booked severe cases against the protesting public several times. CPI(M) initiated and lead various campaigns demanding the Government for distribution of barren and unutilised Government lands, including the lands in the hands of corporates and landlords. After a prolonged series of protests, Congress Government at last agreed for distribution of house sites and cultivable lands to the poor. In different districts of the state, many of the CPI(M) leaders were put in jails under binding over cases. For example, 42 innocent people in the District of Khammam were binded over. All the cases since 2004 were reopened for the purpose of binding over the agitators. 600 members in Warangal from CPI(M), TDP, TRS and PRP were binded over. At the same time, the convicts belonging to the ruling Congress party involved in the cases of robbery, harassments and Black-mailing were given a royal treatment. Undoubtedly, these actions of the Government suggests that congress wants to win in the coming elections at any cost and by any means.

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