Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bengal two party workers killed

From B Prasant/INN


RKolkata, March 18: They took advantage of the unarmed status of the thin-bodies fishing folk. They were bent on taking control over the local ponds. These ponds were the only source of livelihood for the dozens of families of impoverished villagers—all CPI(M) sympathisers for long -- at the village called Patiram. The attackers—Trinamulis and Pradesh Congress goons of ill-repute -- took out a banner of /mahajot/, and launched a murderous attack on the fishing folk in the afternoon of 17 March.

The latter put up a resistance of sorts -- but when bare hands try to confront heavily armed professional goons, the results are far foregone. Comrade Ansar Ali, who retreated before the fierceness of the attack was chased down, pulled out from his shanty and his head cleaved apart with a large sickle. Sharp weapons were used on comrades Luxman Rai, Moti-ud din Mian, and Rezzak Ali – all in their mid-twenties. They are battling for life at various North Bengal hospitals.

The water bodies, however, could not be taken over. Cowards flee at the end of the day when they find /people/ standing tall in defence of their livelihood.


* *

The putrefied body of comrade Himadri Patra, a staunch CPI(M) supporter, abducted by the Trinamuli-Maoist combination some days back at Khejuri 2, was found early in the morning of 17 March. His remains, it was clear that he had been tortured to a very painful end, was found half-buried at a char land at a lonely and remote place called Nichaksaba. A long procession of villagers took to the fields to protest rousingly against the murder.

We were told that another CPI(M) worker and a branch secretary, Sheikh Hatem Ali recently managed to escape the confines within which the Trinamuli-Maoists had put him in and had him tortured in captivity, for all of a week. District committee member of Midnapore east unit of the CPI(M) Himangsu Das has said that an ambience of terror was being built up, slowly yet planfully, by the /mahajot/ as the Lok Sabha elections approached, with help from the Maoists in the area. Popular resistance too was growing bigger and stouter led by the CPI(M) and the LF constituent parties.


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