Saturday, May 9, 2009

2009 is not 2004, Karat reminds Congress

2009 is not 2004, Karat reminds Congress
Kolkata, 9th May- CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat has reminded Congress leadership that it is 2009, not 2004.This time Congress has to decide whether they will support a secular government at the centre, not the other way round.
Karat addressed massive rallies in Kolkata this evening.
Referring to Prime Ministers’ comment that the third front is a non-starter, Karat said, the allies of Congress have openly admitted that there would not be any government without the Left. Congress has already lost allies and UPA is non- existent. May we ask with whom Congress will form the government? Their new-found ally in West Bengal Trinamool Congress has a record of somersault and there is no certainty that they would remain with Congress after the elections. In fact, Trinamool will leave Congress as soon as they will not be able to muster a majority.
On the oft-repeated comments of Congress leaders on Left’s support to a Congress-led government after polls, Karat said, “It is 2009, not 2004. Five years ago, in the face of grave challenge from the communal forces, the Lefts supported Congress to form a government at the centre. We did so even after 54 of our 61 members in the parliament were elected after fighting Congress. This time there will an alternative secular formation and the secular credential of Congress will be tested. Congress will have to decide whether they will support such a secular formation or not.
Karat asserted that in last two months it has been proved that a third way is possible politically, socially and on the question of economic policies.

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