Friday, May 8, 2009



CPI (M) Polite bureau member com. Brinda karat made a whirl wind campaign in Tamilnadu. She campaigned in KanyaKumari, Madurai & Sivagangai Lok Sabha Constituency.

Addressing Thousands of people in Colachel, Thuckalay of Kanyakumari constituency. She exposed the congress led UPA govt. retrograde economic policies which has affected the common people of the country. She came down heavily on the corruption involved by DMK and the Congress. And said that there was big fight going on between the DMK and Congress in doing corruption. She appealed the voters to vote for the CPI (M) candidate A.V.Bellarmine.

While addressing large gathering in Melur, a important town in Madurai constituency. She exposed the money, muscle powers and misuse of state machinery by the DMK and urged the voters to safeguard the democratic principles by making the CPI(M)'s candidate victorious.

Finally addressing a public meeting organised by CPI (M) in Sivagangai in support if AIADMK candidate who is fighting aganist the Union Home Minister P.Chidambaram, she exposed the economic policies pursued by the then finance minister and explained the sufferings of women working in NRGEA scheme and said that how the minister was irresponsible in not taking any steps to ensure that the women are getting the assured wages. She also said that efforts were made by the women organisations in announcing the pension scheme for the widows who are financially dependant . But still no word is uttered about that scheme. The house hold women who form SHG's are not given loans at lower interest rates but on the contrary big corporate houses are given huge with lesser interest rates . Only the left consistently demanded higher loans for the SHG's, but was not heeded.

She questioned that what spectacles do Mr.P.Chidambaram wear which only looks in to rich mans balance sheet - Bombay stock exchange and problems of big corporate houses but does not look in to common mans plight and problems.

Finally she appealed that the vote aganist Mr.Chidambaram is the symbol of vote for the anti – poor and anti- worker policies. The public meeting was attended by more than 10,000 people.


Photos: MA.Prasad and J.Ramachandran

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