Sunday, May 3, 2009

Explain the truth to the people: CPI (M) tells Manmohan Singh

Responding to Prime Minister Manmonhan Singh's remarks on Left parties made in Bengal yesterday, CPI (M) general secretary Prakash Karat said, " Manmohan Singh government has mortgaged Indias' foregin policy for the sake of Indo-US nuclear deal. His government has given a commitment to buy 10,000 MW capacity worth of american nuclear reactors which will cost the country not less than rupees 2 lack 80,000 crores. This would only enrich the american corporations and make electricity beyond the reach of the common people".

Sitaram Yechury, Politburo member of the CPI (M) said, " If the (nuclear deal) was only for meeting India's energy needs, why did the government spend tens of crores of ruppes for lobbying with the government of USA? There was another agenda, which the PM is not revealing, and that is what we are objecting to. It is that in the name of nuclear commerce with the US, there are policy pressures too. PM does not explain all this to the people. He should also explain how the strategic defence tie-up with America would help us in getting electricity to the people?"

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