Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Third Front is Now a Reality

Change at the Centre becomes the motto of rallyists at a huge rally in the South Kolkata constituency today morning in support of Rabin Deb, Left front’s candidate for Kolkata south constituency

Kolkata 10th may – Change of guard at the Centre and not anarchy and blood shed in the state as preferred by the West Bengal’s opposition became the mainstay of thousands of Rallyists at the Kolkata South constituency which was attended by Left Front Chairman Biman Basu,West Bengal’s chief minister Buddha Bhatttacharya and chief minister of Tripura, Manik Sarkar. From the wee hours of the morning thousands of onlookers were mesmerized by the wave of red flags making waves at the South Kolkata localities where CPI (M) candidate Rabin Deb is leading a valiant fight against the Trinamool supremo herself. At the end of the rally in Deshapriya Park of south Kolkata,West Bengal’s CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharya told the rallyists that chances of BJP coming to power has been minimized and Congress too will be defeated in the ongoing Loksabha elections. In the centre opportunities has been created that a new pro people government may be formed at the Centre which will work with pro people policies. Mounting criticism on the opposition of West Bengal he outlined the role of the opposition keeping mum to wherever the CPI (M) workers are slaughtered. Even the nefarious incident of slaughtering of the Physician and nurse by the Maoists had never been condemned upon by the West Bengal’s opposition. He said that ultimately the people’s power will defeat the forces of anarchy in the state. He told that a pro people government at the Centre can only work towards taking pro people measures that will be aimed at the masses of the country. He harped that the destructive politics of the opposition will not find takers in the state. Our dream for singur is not over.
Earlier the rally was inaugurated by the Left Front Chairman Biman Basu at Jagubabur Bazaar. Their he told that the Leftists had got the experience of Governance and it is for the sake of the national unity that a government of the third front will have to be formed at the centre He said that a government of the third front can only ensure development and progress for the country. Besides thousands of citizens of south Kolkata eminent film director Tarun Majumdar, famous magician PC Sorcar junior , ex international soccer player Shivaji Banerjee EX BCCI selector Sambaran Banerjee , handicapped swimmer Masudur Rahman along with actors of the Bengali film industry Arindam Sil, Biplab Chatterjee, Sankar Chakraborty film director Anindita Sarbadhikary along with numerous Left front leaders Like RSP’s Khiti Goswami , MFB’s Pratim Chattejee, and Srikumar Mukherjee of CPI took part in the procession along with Candidate Rabin Deb .
Taking part in the procession, Tripura’s chief minister Manik Sarkar told that Third front is now a reality and every day numerous party’s including NDA’a allies are willing to take part in the Third front. The attack on the Leftists in West Bengal should be seen as a reflection of this development at the Centre. It is not an isolated incident and to reduce the strength of the Left Front inside the parliament different foreign powers has aligned with the reactionary forces of the country to eliminate the role of the leftists in the parliament as a determining force. .
The huge walkathon created flurry of interests amongst the onlookers and at places women were seen throwing flowers to the rallyists who waved the red flags of their hands to honour the assembled crowd. The mood of the rally was also for a change. That change was of which the people of the country is looking at to make at the Centre in the aid of millions of toiling Indians. Braving the hot summer sun, thousands of Padayatri’s took part in the rally , resulting in a red wave across the 3 km stretch .

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