Saturday, May 2, 2009

CPI (M) Appeals to Strenghten Class Struggle and Forge Working Class Unity

On the occasion of May Day 2009, the red flag was hoisted by S Ramachandran Pillai, Politburo member of the CPI (M) at AKG Bhavan, this morning. Speaking to a gathering of comrades working at Party centre and mass organisations, SRP recounted the history of May Day struggle and related it to the significance of the working class movement the world over. It has been a long history for the working class in terms of the struggles for its own rights as well as to strengthen the numerous left and democratic movements the world over. It has suffered some setbacks during the course of advancing the working class interests. Despite the foul cry of forces of capital that announced the death of socialism, today the working class the world over has withstood several onslaughts and is forging ahead the world over in marching towards socialism. When world capitalism is facing yet another crisis, it is time for the working class to forge further unity and solidarity, as has been witnessed in several regions in Latin America. He called upon everybody to strengthen struggles towards working class unity.

Speaking at the occasion, Brinda Karat, Politburo member of the CPI (M) related the significance of May Day 2009 to the ongoing struggle of the left and democratic movements in India today, particularly in the context of the ongoing Lok Sabha Elections. She referred to the continuous onslaught of forces of capitalism through identity politics to undermine the very relevance of the notion of class as a category to understand society and social change. It is the working class struggles led by the Left forces that has consistently fought against this trend of dividing the working class unity. The struggle now, goes beyond mere electioneering. It is a class struggle as well. The Left objective is to fight for the welfare of the oppressed sections of the society in terms of seeking a policy alternative perched on improving the quality of life of the people. There is concerted opposition from the ruling classes to this objective. In North Bengal, the present elections are directly a class struggle between forces of opportunism and divisive politics and that of the Left, in which we have sacrificed several martyrs. The very centrality of class struggle needs to be upheld and she appealed to strengthen struggles to defeat sectarian forces.

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