Monday, May 4, 2009

On developments in Nepal: Sitaram Yechury

Responding to media query on developments in Nepal, Sitaram Yechury, Politburo member of the CPI (M) said in Kolkata today that the CPI (M) wants any solution to the present crisis in Nepal to be within the democratic framework. The election of the present government in Nepal was to form a constituent assembly. It should have been on the basis of a national consensus from the very beginning, with the participation of all political parties. The main objective of the government is to draft a constitution. All the political parties in Nepal should try to resolve the problems through consultation and dialogue.
He further added that democracy in Nepal has been established after a long struggle and it is a heroic struggle of the people of Nepal. In a nascent democracy like this, many hiccups can develop, which is not unnatural. But there should not be any interference from outside. The resolution of the crisis should be done by the people of Nepal only.

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