Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Buddhadeb Bhattacharya in Meet the Press

Kolkata,11th May- West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharya has alleged Trinamool Congress was trying to bring back the days of seventies in the state. Bhattacharya categorically castigated Trinammol for the violence in last few days while participating in the ‘Meet the Press’ programme at Kolkata Press Club today. The election campaign ended this afternoon in the state.
In the 1970-s, West Bengal faced a semi-fascist terror and worst kind of political violence. Reminding the history, Bhattacharya said, from 1972 to1977 West Bengal witnessed terror and murders everywhere. After the Left Front government assumed responsibility in 1977, the situation gradually changed. That was because we wanted that political language will be the term, not the language of violence. The atmosphere of violence once again started to emerge after the birth of Trinamool Congress. They are now trying to change the atmosphere in the state. They are trying to bring back the days of seventies.
Answering questions on Nandigram, Bhattacharya said, in the name of resisting land acquisition, violence was planned in Nandigram from January,2007. We had categorically said that there would not be any land acquisition there. What is the motive of maintaining a “Bhoomi Ucched Protirodh Committee” there? Even Maoisists from outside were brought to create violence there. We admit mistakes. On 14th March,2007, police was sent to Nandigram to reconstruct roads. We asked for cooperation from the opposition parties too. But ultimately there was a clash. We never want death by police firing, it is not congruent to our political- ideological understanding. If I had any inkling that such a thing would occur I would not send police in the first place. The families of all those killed have been given compensation, police officers were also transferred.
Bhattacharya said, CPI(M) is trying to defeat Congress and BJP in the elections. Our target is to form a non-Congress, non-BJP secular government at the centre. It has to be seen who supports whom only after the elections. In 2004, there was no scope for the third force. We therefore were forced to support Congress to keep BJP away from power. But the situation is quite different this time. We will be able to form a government of third forces. CPI(M) may join such a government if we can play an effective role .The question is open.

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