Saturday, April 25, 2009

50,000 people attended rally at Madurai


Madurai city witnessed a massive rally in support of comrade P.Mohan, CPI(M) candidate yesterday evening.More than 50 thousand people attended the rally.

Addressing the campaign meeting , AIADMK general secretary Jayalalithaa alleged that the DMK has plans to unleash violence during Chithirai festival scheduled on May 9. She called on the police department to make use of this opportunity to do away with the blots on the department for various incidents in the State, including the attack on advocates in the High Court in Chennai. She said that the attack on the CPI(M) MLA Nanmaran at Madurai and the murder of one Pandiarajan who was murdered for giving land to 'Marxists' to build temporary party election office were rehearsals for DMK's bid to unleash violence among the public. This attempt will threaten people to stay home on May 13 as well facilitating the DMK cadres to cast bogus votes on the polling day.

Charge against Maran:

Jayalalithaa said that she had received a petition stating that the CBI had come up with evidences supporting that there were misuse in 323 higher end telephone lines officially provided to former Union minister Dhayanidhi Maran and these lines were connected to a separate mini telephone exchange installed at Maran's Chennai home in January 2007. The CBI had found that these telephone lines were allegedly connected with the 'Sun TV' office where it was used to carry all sorts of signals, including the programmes which were aired by the Sun Network. She said that these lines had both basic rate and prime rate access for the transmission. Their usage had gone over 48 lakh units in March 2007 which was revealed in the CBI probe. She alleged that Maran had been misusing his power.

Jayalalithaa charged that the DMK had used its power to release the murderers of T Krittinan, former DMK Minister, and CPI(M) councillor Leelavathi, before they completed the term of conviction.

She criticised the family politics of Karunanidhi. She said that Karunanidhi had gained political mileage through 'Tamil language', but he had admitted almost all his garndchildren in Central Schools with 'Hindi' as the second language.

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