Friday, April 3, 2009

Victory for TDP in Khammam

Congress Tactics failed

Hyderabad: 2nd April, 09: The ruling Congress party resorted to all sort of mischiefs to dilute the image of the CPI(M) party for a long time. More so, after the police firing in Mudigonda village where seven poor people were killed by police, It had wooed and encouraged diffections to Congress. It also started crying wolf that CPI(M) in Khammam is going to become weak due to the quitting of some of the members from the party. It had even encouraged one such dispelled leader of CPI(M), Vanam Narsinga Rao to contest for MLC Elections held from Local Bodies in Khammam district. But it could not succeed in it’s illminded attempts. It was once again proved that truth always truimphs over evil. The following verdicts of people in polls makes the point clear.
The Electoral College for Member of Legislative Council from Local Bodies consists of elected representatives such as MPTCs and ZPTCs whose elections are held on party symbols. In Khammam, CPI(M)-TDP Alliance supported TDP candidate P. Nageshwara Rao won over his nearest counterpart of Congress Party N. Rambabu with a majority of 119 votes. Out of a total of 724 votes, only 708 votes were polled. While P. Nageshwara Rao got 404 votes, Rambabu got just 285 votes only. The dispelled leader of CPI(M), Vanam Narsinga Rao could bag just 3 votes. This clearly shows that remorse against Congress Party and resignations from CPI(M) did not had any major impact in Khammam. These results also proved that representatives of Local Bodies didn’t lose faith in CPI(M) party despite some of it’s leaders quitting the party. CPI(M) representatives of Local Bodies taught a lesson to the defectors in Khammam. However, Congress was able to get cross voting in Warangal district where TDP candidate lost to Congress by good number of votes. CPI(M) didn’t have considerable Local Body representatives in Warangal District. In Nizamabad district, there was an attempt by the official machinery to see that the Congress candidate is falsely declared elected. But due to the agitation of TDP, the votes were recounted and TDP candidate got elected with one vote majority against Congress candidate.

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