Saturday, April 4, 2009

Huge Rally In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar Rally
3rd. April—The Left parties and the non –congress, non-BJP parties in Orissa today declared that a third alternative is urgently necessary at centre after bitter experiences of two fronts led by BJP and Congress respectively. Addressing a massive joint rally of BJD, the Left parties and NCP in Bhubaneswar today both Prakash Karat and AB Bardhan said ,Congress has pursued a pro-rich policy and BJP’s politics is divisive. The alliance of the Left and the regional parties will fight against both.
The joint rally rally drew huge masses in PMG square in Bhubaneswar and a new enthusiasm was evident. Sharad Pawar could not reach the rally due to problems in flight schedule. However, DP Tripathi of NCP addressed the rally.

Prakash Karat congratulated Naveen pattanaik for breaking ties with BJP. The historic decision of BJD will have its effect in the entire country,Karat commented. He said, two-party system can no more run India.Congress is speaking of a high growth economy. It has led to the growth of some super rich, the Aam admi has suffered. Now, under recession millions are losing their jobs. Thousands in Orissa too had to return back to home after losing job in Western India. Congress is saying that inflation has come down. But the prices of essential items including the food items are skyrocketing.UPA has devastated the PDS system.

Karat said,BJP’s ideology is Hindutwa.We will not allow India to be a theocracy-dominated country like Pakistan. The dominance of religion in Pakistan’s politics had made their democracy threatened. Terrorists are attacking almost every day. Communal amity can challenge terrorism.BJP has an opposite path. The ghastardly face of BJP has been exhibited in Kandhmal.BJP wants hundreads of Kandhamal in the whole country.

AB Bardhan said UPA has already fractured. Congress leaders are feeling nervous just by the news that Pawar has made contacts with the Left. Third alternative is emerging like sunrise. No forces can stop them now.

Naveen Pattanaik dubbed BJP as ‘communal’ and said the peace loving people of Orissa had understood BJP’s conspiracy.Orissa Chief Minister said,the political equation of the country is changing fast.Both UPA and NDA are being weakened and the regional parties are becoming strong.Their role will be greater after the polls. BJD has decided to align with the Left parties for peace, integrity and development.

Forward Block leader Naren Dey,CPI leader D Raja have alsp addressed the rally.

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