Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Both Congress and BJP are 'gulaams' of Corporate India: Brinda Karat

Lambasting the congress for supporting criminals like Pappu Yadav convicted for the murder of a cpim leader ajit sarkar, com brinda karat PB Member said that this exposes the hollowness of their claims of their political they have joined hands with criminals in bihar; anti socials and maoists in bengal and extremists in tripura. The congress is an opportunist party which has betrayed their own common minimum programme and peoples interests. They must be defeated. She congratulated the left parties in bihar for putting up a united fight against both UPA and NDA. She said they are both gulams of corporate inerests against the people. That is why india requires an alternative secular govt in delhi. She ws addressing mass meetings in kumarkhand and singheswar in supaul constituency.

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