Monday, April 6, 2009

Left Front organises huge rally at Agartala

Strengthening the Left will ensure the formation of an alternative Govt at the centre: Karat

Agartala,5th April

The electoral battle for the 15th Loksabha will be triangular and strengthening the Left will guarantee the formation of an alternative secular govt at the centre.CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat said while addressing a huge rally of the LeftFront at Agartala today.Today's central election rally of the front was proof enough for the fact that people of this tiny state have made up their mind to send the Left candidates again as their representatives.From the noon itself the whole town was virtually flooded with people from different parts of the state in huge numbers marching along the streets leading to stable ground.The gathering was addressed other than Prakash byTripura CM Manik Sarkar,West Bengal PWD minister Kshiti Goswami of RSP, West Bengal Agriculture minister Naren Dey of AIFB,West Bengal Civil defence minister Srikumar Mukherjee of CPI, CPI(M)Tripura state secretary Bijan Dhar, CPI(M) Central committee member and Tribal welfare minister Aghore Debbarma. Both the candidates Khagen Das and Bajuban Reang were present and introduced to the masses by seniormost leader of the party and left front in the state,Com Baidyanath Majumdar who was also the president of the meeting.Prakash Karat in his address said the Left had supported this UPA govt for 4 years to stop the BJP from coming to power while maintaining all the time our independent position of fighting for the peoples welfare.He said only due to thwe intervention of the left this govt had to pass the NREGA and Tribal Forest Right Act.He said only because the Left's staunch opposition this govt couldnot open up the banking and insurance sector for free entry of the foreign capital and that is why our economy has remained to some extent insulated from the global financial crisis.Karat said when this govt went ahead with the nuke deal, forged strategic ties with US completely betraying the promises made in the CMP we had to withdraw our support.Karat said due to the pro rich economic policies of this govt aam admi of the country are suffering enormously.They take pride of the fact that 4 of the 10 most rich in the world are fronm India while 23 crores of the population have to sleep hungry, 50% of the women suffer from anaemia.Karat said Congress is talking of giving cereals at a rate of 3 rupees per kilo to the poor.But this very govt has virtually dismantled the PDS,slashed the allocation of states in APL to upto 75%.The record of its corruptions are now open before the people.He3 mentioned of the telecom scam and Israeli missile purchase scam in this regard.Karat said those who thought the Indian polity will a two party system are wrong.The third fortce is very much in existence.Karat said emergence of this third alternative has been a big blow for the BJP and the communal forces.They are becoming alienated in almost every state and wont be able to regain power.He said the 4 left and 6 regional parties have announced they will work together towards formation of a non congress non BJP alternative govt after the election.This govt will abandon the neo liberal economic policies and follow pro people policies,protect the secularism and fight against communalism to fight against terrorism, take measures to protect the rights of the women dalits, tribals minorities and other weaker sections and follow an independent foreign policy.Karat said strengthening the left forces will gurantee that such an alternative govt can be formed after the elections.

Manik Sarkar said both Congress and BJP have betrayed the people. they are fed up of both the paties and only the third alternative can take steps to fulfill their aspirations.He said the 3 left govts of Westbengal, Kerala and Tripura in spite of the limitations have shown though we cant solve the basic problems a lot can be done for the massses if political will is there.He too urged the people to play a decisive role in the formation of an alternative govt at centre by ensuring a huge victory for both the left candidates.

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