Saturday, April 25, 2009

Life intolerable under DMK regime: N.Varadharajan

Public is leading a miserable life under the rule of DMK in Tamil Nadu, N.Varadarajan, State secretary of CPI(M )charged here on Thursday.
Addressing a massive meeting in support of the party's candidate P.Mohan, sitting MP at Madurai , N.Varadarajan accused the DMK government of causing hardship to the public with its policy of intolerance. Law and order has deteriorated to a new low as never before. The DMK could not fulfill its election promise of providing two acres of land to the landless poor, he said and added that the programme had been abruptly stopped after distributing lands to only 2 lakh people out of the 30 lakh who had applied for lands. Under the DMK rule, thousands of workers who were dependent solely on export industries in Karur, Tirupur have been deprived of their livelihood. Though health graph showed an upward trend in the State, the development in this sector is purely private centered. Still, most of the government hospitals and medical colleges lacked adequate stocks of medicine and staff, he charged.
When the neighbouring State of Kerala has allocated 30 per cent of their GDP for funding local bodies ,the TN government had increased its allotment by only 0.5per cent from 9 per cent in the current financial year, he explained. But the percentage that reached the public was meagre after the commission pocketed by others , he said. Violence and intolerance are the hallmark of the DMK party whose gangsters brutally murdered CPI(M) corporator comrade Leelavathi in broad day light in 1997. Rowdyism of Cheif Minister's son.M.K.Azhagiri in Madurai using his father's name has reached a stage where even co-operative elections could not be held properly in the district. Stating that the 87,000 persons had sought inclusion into the electoral roll in Madurai Lok Sabha constituency alone, Varadarajan alleged that it was the hidden agenda of the DMK party to ensure the success of Azhagiri in the polls.
The opposition parties had raised the issue and had complained to the Election Commission but no action had been taken far, he added.
DMK which was responsible for the death of three persons in Dinakaran office for publishing an anti party news, has no right to speak about democracy, people of Madurai, who had witnessed rowdyism and violence unleased by Azhagiri for some years should now vote for P.Mohan in order to maintain peace and democracy in the district, he added .

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