Friday, April 3, 2009

West Bengal Left Front Appeal

West Bengal Left Front appeal released
Kolkata 2nd April – West Bengal’s Left front today released its electoral appeal on account of the 15th Loksabha elections of the country. Left Front Chairman Biman Basu formally released the appeal in a press meet in Muzaffar Ahmed Bhawan, Kolkata.
The Left Front in its election appeal has urged to the state’s electorate to participate in the nationwide struggle to ensure a government of the Third front at the Centre for implementing pro people alternative economic policies. The aim of the alternative government will be defending secularism, self reliant economy, independent foreign policy and an ideal federal structure.
Left Front has observed that the reactionary forces has launched a full fledged offensive against the Left parties as it is the organized left of the country who has provided leadership against the neo liberal policies and the imperialist penetration in the country. In view of this both the national and the foreign reactionary forces have mounted an unprecedented attack on the Leftist forces of the country. In their eyes the advances and the development of the left forces are a threatening factor. Hence to decimate the Leftist forces, a concerted effort is being carried out by the reactionary elements. The experience of 1970-s showed that the semi fascist attack on the Left Forces in West Bengal was a precursor to the broader attack on the livelihood of the common people throughout the country and on the democratic institutions of the country. The same experience was recorded where the fascist forces gained ground after the worldwide depression in 1930’s decade.. So in this regard the necessity of building an alternative left democratic force and the secular forces has increased significantly.
On West Bengal situation the appeal mentions that the unprecedented attack that has been launched against the Left citadel of West Bengal has been unprecedented. The astounding majority that the Left Forces won in the last assembly elections has made the national and the foreign reactionary forces desperate. They in fact started opposing the Left Front on all major initiatives of development. The Trinamool later formed a rainbow alliance which was later joined by the Congress also. The unprincipled politics played by the Trinamool supremo has also bee criticized in the appeal. In fact, this is the fourth time that the Trinamool has switched sides. She was also the part of the corrupt governments of both the Congress and the BJP . Not only in Singur the opposition parties has tried to stop the government from all the developmental initiatives like construction of national highways of the state, power projects, modernization project of IISCO Burnpur and even in the construction of substations for power distribution in the state. The opposition forces are also supporting the separatists of the state. The terrorist activities carried on by the Maoists are also being used by them as a weapon against the Left Front government of the state.
The Left Front in its appeal has reaffirmed that it would carry out its programme for creation of the Left alternative in the country amidst all the constraints. Left Front has gained from strength to strength by facing all the attacks conducted on it by the reactionary forces.
Biman Basu said in the press conference that West Bengal has become an advanced outpost of Indian democracy and democratic movement and in order to weaken this movement attack on Left Front government has been mounted by the opposition forces of the state with support from the national and foreign forces.
Basu also urged the Left Front workers to adhere to the model code of conduct of the elections. He said that the workers of the Left Front should be more polite and more humble in dealing with the opposition and should seek pardon the people in case of any mistakes they commit. He also expressed his confidence that the people of West Bengal would once agai

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