Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Thiruvananthapuram: The Ten Thousand crore missele contract with Isreal will be cancelled if third force comes to power, CPI M Polit Bureau member Com. Sitaram Yechuri said in a meet-the-press programme. He added that the Isreal Aerospace Industries which made irregularities also in the former missile deal will be included in the black list. Com. Yechuri explained that all defence deals under UPA regime will be revoked. He revealed that the left party leaders had handed over a letter to Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh on march 17 of 2008 demanding not to make a deal with the controversial company. In its FIR the CBI had accussed the Isreal firm for the deal at 2000. But the goverment went ahead with the deal. Yechury asked defence minister A K Antony to give his explanation for such a deal.

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