Saturday, April 4, 2009

On the BJP Manifesto: Old wine in old bottle, says Sitaram Yechury

On the Election Manifesto of the BJP that was released today, Comrade Sitaram yechury said:

"This is not even an old wine in a new bottle. It is an old wine in an old bottle. Many of the proposals that are made, could have been implemented when they were in power for six years like one rank - one pension, farm loan at four percent interest, safety net for unorgnaised workers etc. While they were in power they refused to consider the waiver of farm loans despite acute agrarian distress and unprecedented scale of farmers' suicide. This is sheer pre-election rhetoric.
Of significance is the fact that they have highlighted the core communal hindutva agenda as their electoral mascot. This is a clear recipie for sharpening communal polarization and undermining the secular democratic character of the modern Indian republic."
We will issue a more comprehensive comment after studying the manifesto in detail, he said.

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