Wednesday, April 29, 2009

People of Bihar would also vote against the Congress and BJP as in the rest of the country –Sitaram Yechury

Sitaram Yechury, Polit Bureau member of CPI (M) visited three constituencies in Bihar, viz., Bhagalpur, Supaul and Begusari to campaign for the candidates of the united left block in Bihar. Elections in these constituencies will be held on 30 May.
Sitaram Yechury sharply attacked Congress and BJP for their pro-US economic and foreign policies. He asserted that it was due to the unvarying resistance of the left parties both inside and outside the parliament that the full impacts of the worldwide economic recession could be avoided in this country. He said that the people of Bihar would also vote against the Congress and BJP as is the case in the rest of the country.
He addressed several meetings in Nathnagar, Kahalgaon, Thana Bihpur, Gopalpur in Bhagalpur constituency and in Jadia, Chhaatapur, Triveniganj in Supaul constituency. He came down heavily on government for putting Balram Singh Yadav, CPI(M)’s candidate in Supaul in jail just before elections. Yechury said that it was ironical that convicted criminals are roaming free and organizing anti-social elements for the Congress (I) whereas Balram Singh Yadav who fought for the people and ensured that flood victims get adequate relief is still in jail. He appealed to the people to give fitting rebuffs to the criminal-politicians nexus of the Bourgeoisie political parties by voting in favour of Balram Singh Yadav and making him victorious.
He addressed a crowded press conference on 28th April in Begusarai and appealed to the people of Begusarai to make the CPI candidate in Begusarai victorious as has been the traditions of Leningrad of Bihar.
Sitaram Yechury later addressed a press conference on the same afternoon in Patna at the state committee office of the CPI (M). He appealed to all secular parties to join in post-poll efforts to form a non-Congress and non-BJP government at the center. He also criticized Congress and BJP for projecting PM before the elections as this was contrary to the spirit of the Constitution as in parliamentary democracy people first elect their representatives who in turn elect the leader of the Lok Sabha who then becomes the Prime Minister. Yechury cited the example of Late. Indira Gandhi who lost her elections in Rae Barelliy in 1977 thus loosing any option to become the PM. He called such attempts as insult to the people of this country.

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