Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Karunanidhi’s High Drama: CPI (M)

From S P Rajendran/INN
Chennai, April 22: Communist Party of India (Marxist) Tamil Nadu state committee criticized the call for general strike on 23rd April by DMK Chief and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi, that it is only a high drama.

Tamilnadu Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi, on Tuesday night announced that the state would observe a general strike on Thursday to protest peacefully against the killings of innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka and demand immediate steps for a ceasefire.

On this announcement, N. Varadharajan, CPI (M) state secretary has released the following statement:

CPI (M) has consistently demanded an end to hostilities and protection of innocent Tamil civlians in Sri Lanka. We have asked the Central Government to approach the United Nations to this end.

However, the Central Government supported by the DMK has not done anything in this regard, as yet. In this context, the call for a General Strike by the Chief Minister Karunanidhi on the 23rd of April is sheer hypocritical and smacks of foul play. Such games will neither protect the innocent Tamil population in Sri Lanka or will fool the voters in Tamil Nadu.

There seem to be two objectives to the Chief Minister's move. When it has almost become certain that the DMK will be defeated in the coming parliamentary elections in the state of Tamil Nadu, he has attempted to use the plight of Tamil people in Sri Lanka as his last weapon. Despite this, the DMK's loss would be inevitable; in which case, he can still blame it on the Congress party. This is nothing but a preparatory work for such a blame game.

The DMK, being part of the Union government has announced a general strike against the same Government. One wonders if this is nothing but a staged spectacle?

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