Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Transfer Collector, CoP to ensure free and fair poll: CPI(M)


THE CPI(M)has urged the Election Commission to shift the District collector of Madurai and the commissioner of Police, to ensure free and fair election in the Madurai Lok Sabha constituency, N.Varadharajan, CPI(M)

State secretary, said here on Tuesday.

He was addressing media persons after releasing audio disc comprising 12 songs for CPI(M) campaign, on the theme 'Failure of the State and Central Governments:' titled 'Maatru padhai kaanbom.' He said Karunanidhi can settle his family problem, but the democratic thinkers concerned about the atrocities committed and the burning of three employees of 'Dinakaran' a Tamil daily, alive.

He said that the party's State secretariat meeting held in Madurai which was attended by K.Varadharajan, Politburo member, at which the party's election strategy was reviewed. It was resolved that steps should be taken to make all government employees to comply with the election model code of conduct.

N.Varadharajan said that the CPI(M) will face the election in a democratic manner.

The public health department had curtailed its activities in its functional areas, which had forced the people to go to private hospitals for better treatment. Still many government hospitals had no x-ray machines, he said.

Education in the field of medicine and law continues to be the preserve of the rich people, he said and asked when will dalits enter the law college in large numbers. CPI(M) would work to change this trend.

The DMK could non bear the emergence of Marxists as an alternative force and that was why it had decided to face the election with money power.

The attack on CPI(M) MLA N.Nanmaran was the outcome of their political vengeance and recalled the instance of violence unleashed against the advocates by the police in Madras High Court in Chennai and the incident of violent clash between the law college students in Chennai where the police remained mere spectators.

He said that the CPI(M) was one of the parties which moved the court of law against the DMK Party for its atrocities committed during the local body election in Chennai.

Taking credit for the introduction of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme (NREGP) by the Central Government, N.Varadharajan said that though Rs.80 per day was fixed as wage per day, the amount paid was between Rs.30 and 40 while the balance was misappropriated as commission in Tamilnadu.

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